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Jiang Linhai


    Jiang Linhai was born in October 1975 in Langfang city, Hebei province. Jiang has started his career in July 2002, and he has been a member of the Chinese communist party since June 1994. Jiang has majored in several fields, including International Politics at Renmin University of China, Theater and Chinese Traditional Opera at Communication University of China, Ecology at Chinese Academy of Sciences. He won himself different qualifications, such as national legal professional certification. He is not only a bachelor of laws, master of literature, and doctor of science, but also certified senior economist and senior professional in human resource. Having served at Office of Organizational Structure Committee of Beijing Municipality, Beijing Association of Science and technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China National Building Material Company, Jiang is now the director of Policies and Regulations Research Division of Development and Research Center of the State Post Bureau, chief member of the Human Resource Committee, and part time deputy president of the Engineering Council of Social-economic System of Chinese System Engineering Society. Jiang has directed and accomplished many important projects, such as “The 13th Five-year Plan of Postal Industry”, “Study on the Development of Green Post” and “Promotion and Application of Environmental Technology in Post Sector”.

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