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Hu Kai


    Hu Kai, male, academic researcher, postdoc, is the chairman of Academic Research Committee, director of Comprehensive Investigation Group, and director of the Universal Postal Service Research Division of Development and Research Center of the State Post Bureau. Hu is an eligible Youth Scientific and Technological Talent of Ministry of Transport. Principally engaged in the study of post, express and logistics sector, Hu has lead his team in carrying out some important subjects related to  postal and express industry. He has also engaged in drafting major policies and work reports as lead author. As projects leader, Hu has accomplished some 50 projects, including 1 project supported by National Nature Science Fund. Hu has finished some 50 research reports, published 10 articles, and given speeches on various international and national conferences and forums. Some of his studies have been developed into policies, standards and plans of the industry. Hu has been continuously elected as the outstanding member of Communist Party within all departments of State Post Bureau both in 2016 and 2017.

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