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Zeng Junshan


    Zeng Junshan was born in July 1965 in Dongkou, Hunan province. With rich experience in postal regulation, Zeng, master of Economics, is the Director General of Development and Research Center of the State Post Bureau (SPBDRC). He has been worked as the director in State Post Bureau, director general and deputy director of Hebei Provincial Postal Administration, director of Shanghai Municipal Postal Administration. Zeng has published over 20 articles on various magazines and media.   
    Upholding the principles of seeking truth from fact, keeping positive and innovative, Zeng advocates the concept that openness is the priority, truth is the pillar and innovation is the goal. Following the working idea of “bridging upper and downstream, expanding industrial chain, enlarging the concentric circles, and building an appropriate ecosystem” and with the goal of building the first-class postal think tank and data base, he is leading the whole team of SPBDRC to emancipate the mind, conduct reform and innovation and explore new areas. By concentrating on improvement, transformation and reform, the team pushes forward studies which carry theoretical and systematic features, and projects which are forward-looking, leading, and open. Paying great efforts on “4-100 projects”, a large group of talents and experts carry out a lot of important subjects and projects for postal industry. Zeng and his team make great efforts to build SPBDRC into a research institution which is appropriate to the biggest express industry in the world , moreover, which has great influence and competitive edge in postal sector.

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